Key Fobs/Remote


The reputation is built on offering both genuine and aftermarket versions of most replacement car keys covered by replacement guarantees, obsession with quality control, & providing expert tech support. Car key fob keyless entry remotes are signal tested to ensure successful programming. Extended warranties are available to cover your replacement key fob years.

It’s easy to find the appropriate replacement remote car keys by using the year make model search on the website. If your car remote looks different than the ones we show, most likely you have a remote from an aftermarket system. In that case, search by FCC ID or part number located on the backside of your remote key fob. If you can’t find it, send us photos via chat/email.

Integrated Key Fob Transponder Keys

Separate key fobs and transponder keys were the norm until the late 1990s when a new design came out - the remote head key. Its both a key fob and a key because instead of the transponder key head just being a plastic housing for the transponder, now it became the housing for the transponder and the key fob. It was desirable because it took up less space and less keyrings.

Then two things happened at about the same time, proximity systems with smart key remotes as well as flipkey remote key designs became popular. The flipkey is a more ergonomic design than the remote head key because the key blade folds into the remote and takes up less space in one's pocket. The smart key enables drivers to take advantage of keyless access, meaning the doors unlock as the driver approaches and doesn? need to use the remote or key to enter or start the vehicle.