Transponder Keys


Most car makers now use transponders, or ‘chip keys,’ in their mid to high end cars. Transponder keys have a small radio frequency chip embedded in the head of the key. When placed in the ignition, a transponder key sends a unique code to a receiver in or near the ignition. If the ignition recognizes the code, the engine will start. If not, the car won’t start. Some models will even immobilize when the wrong key is used.

For obvious reasons, chip keys are an extremely effective way to prevent theft, hot wiring, and unauthorized key duplication. However, replacing or duplicating a transponder key will require either your dealer or a certified auto locksmith. While a few early transponder models allow for key duplication without expensive diagnostic equipment, most of today’s chip keys are less straightforward. The more secure your system, the more proprietary equipment and training it will call for.

Transponder Chip Key | GA Locksmith

Your dealer can make you a new transponder, but there’s a faster and more affordable solution. When transponder keys started coming out, Pop-A-Lock Orlando invested in the necessary equipment to replace chip key. Our experience working with transponders now extends to many different makes and models. We can make you a spare transponder, replace a lost one, or rekey the codes and make you a brand new key to match within minutes. Call us today for a free, accurate quote for your transponder key.