Home Rekeying

Rekey Locks

Access-A-Lock Locksmith Atlanta are your rekey specialist. Whether you just purchased your home, or a roommate has moved out. Trust our locksmiths with your homes security. Also if you would like to turn your regular security locks into high security locks ask our technicians for more info. Below we have listed some of the most common questions associated with rekeying house locks, and the answers to the most common questions.

Is it Cheaper to Rekey Your Locks or Buy New Locks?

In most cases yes, it is cheaper to just have your locks rekeyed. Since what where doing is reconfiguring the interior pins of your lock and providing new keys the costs are considerably cheaper than buying new locks. Let The Lock Geeks help you with your lock changing needs. If your lock is old and not worth rekeying, we will be glad to sell you a quality lock.

Can I Convert My Current Locks Over to High Security Locks?

Lets call it higher than normal security locks. And the answer is yes. We can take your ordinary locks, rekey them, and add high security spool or mushroom pins to your current lock. What this means is we can make your ordinary locks harder to pick or bump-key proof. With the rise in crime this is one very cost effective way of increasing the security to your house.

How Many Times Can I Rekey My Locks?

Typically you can rekey your locks as many times as you want. The most common locks typically have a lifetime of 25-30 years. So as long as everything is intact you can rekey your locks as many times as you want.

Why Should I Rekey My House If I Bought it Brand New?

This is a good question, and the answer is simple. All the people that worked on your house at one time or another had access to your key. The only way to ensure your security is by starting over with new keys. Sometimes some developers will have a whole community on a master key system, so the subs will only have to have one key for all the houses in the development. Hard to imagine but we have run into it a number of times. Imagine one key that operates all the houses in your neighborhood. You might as well leave your door unlocked.