Lock Repair

We are the #1 locksmith for door lock repairs in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas.

Door locks at your home or business are used frequently and often, they are ignored until something goes wrong. We fail to realize the number of times doors are locked and unlocked, that is, until the lock mechanism malfunctions. As soon as you notice a problem, call us. Door locks can usually be repaired by an experienced locksmith before a major problem occurs necessitating lock replacement. Problems with door locks can include latch assembly or lock mechanism malfunction. At times we encounter keys broken and remaining in the lock. Cheap Lock & Key will send a locksmith to your location in Atlanta, Georgia or surrounding areas to determine what repairs are needed. We will then repair the lock onsite, right at your home or business location!

Regardless of the lock repair that is needed, our locksmiths can complete the job. If you are in Atlanta, Georgia or surrounding areas call us at (404) 941-2683. We will have a locksmith on their way to you in no time.

The top 5 reasons that homes and business need door lock repair service.

  1. Misaligned Latch. If the door latch is not operating smoothly, the latch bolt and the strike plate may be misaligned. This can be repaired by performing a latch adjustment. Alternatively, the entire door may need to be repositioned. Only a professional locksmith can determine how a misaligned latch should be repaired.

  2. Loose Doorknobs. Over time, doorknobs can loosen. The type of lockset present on your doors will determine the method we use to secure the doorknob.

  3. Your door lock has "seized up". "Seizing up" indicates an inability to turn the key once it has been inserted. This can be caused by dirt or debris which has collected inside your lock. Our locksmiths will clean the locking mechanism and insure proper lubrication so that your lock will function again.

  4. Stuck deadbolt. This is usually caused by a misalignment between the deadbolt and throat as well as the strike plate. We will realign these or reposition the door, if needed, so that the deadbolt will work properly.

  5. The key has broken off inside the lock. When a key is broken and stuck in the cylinder of your lock, there is no way of using the lock to enter your home or business. Access-A-Lock Locksmith Atlanta will send a locksmith to your location and retrieve the key segment from the cylinder. We can then create a new key for you right at your location!