Locked Out of Home Locksmith

Locked Out of House

When Matt. of Atlanta, GA misplaced his keys and got locked out of the house, he called a locksmith from the phone book. The guy who arrived didn’t even make an attempt to pick the lock. Instead, he wanted to drill it and charge Matt. $250 — not including the purchase and installation of a new lock to replace the drilled one. Matt. smelled a rat and sent him packing, calling Access-A-Lock Locksmith Atlanta instead on a neighbor’s recommendation. We were there in 15 minutes, opened his lock without having to drill it, and saved Matt. a lot of money. His lost house keys turned out to be inside, but if they hadn’t been, we could have made him a new set on the spot.

Unethical and unskilled locksmiths can make getting locked out a much bigger issue than it has to be. They take advantage of your anxiety to sell you on services you don’t need. Save yourself the headache by calling us first. With our high success rates in getting locked doors open without drilling the lock, Access-A-Lock Locksmith Atlanta is your go-to locksmith for home lockouts.

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Our certified and insured locksmiths drive up in marked cars on time and provide honest, professional service. Specially designed equipment and extensive training mean that we can get you back into your house in minutes, whatever kind of lock you have.

Access-A-Lock Locksmith Atlanta is proud to offer free, accurate quotes. The number we give you is what you’ll end up paying. You won’t need to worry about unnecessary services or hidden fees. If you’re locked out or have lost your house keys, call us now to get back in.